- Our Mission

There are so many good ideas from ordinary people that could make an extraordinary impact on the world.

What if you didn't waste your ideas, but instead used them to create something small that helps people.

We'll help you actually try your idea by creating a simple side-project you can easily run and scale.

- How it Works

1. Submit your business idea. We'll review it (never steal it), and each month we'll choose one to work on.

2. Share your vision for it. We'll contact you to set up an intro call if we choose to launch your idea.

3. Turn it into a side-project. We'll work with you to build and launch a simple product/service in a month.

- Then What?

You can use it however you want. The rights for the branding and product will all belong to you.

Share it with the world. We'll give you a promo graphic you can post on social media or use however.

We accept tips, too. If we do a good job realizing your idea, you can help us help others with tips of any size.

- Why it's Smart

There's no commitment. We don't make you sign any contract, so you can back out at any time.

There's low risk. Worst case, you spent $99 to discover how your idea could actually work (we can refund).

There's high reward. Best case, your idea will actually become a reality, help people, and make money.

- Other Benefits

We never steal ideas, so don't hesitate to submit your idea. Give it a chance to actually happen.

We may even offer ongoing support, depending on the idea and vision. We'll never make it mandatory.

We give you everything you need to get started. That includes full branding, basic training, and more.

Submit your business idea.